Commission on Slavery and the Legacy at Salem Academy and College

Commission Members


  • Rev. Dr. Amy Rio, Chaplain, Salem Academy & College
  • Ms. Michelle Hopkins Lawrence, Academy History Teacher


  • Dr. Nora Doyle, College, History Department Professor
  • Ms. Felecia Penn, Academy Director of Student Activities, A '02
  • Ms. Elizabeth Novicki,  Salem Academy & College Director of Libraries
  • Rev. Dr. Wayne Burkette, Board of Trustees, former Academy Head of School
  • Dr. Shawn Ricks, Salem Academy & College Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Dr. Alan Mueller, College Asst Dean of Students for Student Activities, Leadership, and Intercultural Education
  • Ms. Ramona Raines, Administrative Assistant, Dean of the College
  • Ms. Jessi Bowman, C '18
  • Ms. Destiney Lee, C '19
  • Ms. Imani Brown, C '19
  • Ms. Tamia House, C '19